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Artist bio

Photo: Kristina Žetko

Johan Fredrik Källman - Visual artist


Hailing from Sweden, Källman fuses light, color, sound, and optics crafting inclusive, accessible, and playful art. Having presented over 50 exhibitions since 2018, his interactive creations have gained global recognition, with invitations to showcase in countries such as Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Iceland, Canada and the United States, among others.


If one interprets light philosophically, Källman aims to spread enlightenment.

A significant aspect of his artistic practice involves sharing knowledge of light. He is frequently invited by schools and museums to organize light-themed workshops, covering topics like the sound of light or how to paint with light. 


Källman consistently works with the intention that his art is inviting and inclusive. This motivation leads him to design interactive installations, where visitors can actively contribute to the creation and feel part of it.

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