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Island of Lights Smögen 2023. Smögen. Sweden. 7 September - 10 September

Work: Luxtriplicata


Lumen Festival 2023. Waterloo. Ontario. Canada. 23 September

Work: Luxtriplicata

da Sten Konsthall. GBG. Sweden  29. April - 21. May

Work: *Blind People's thought's on photography*



Sätt färg på Rosenlund. Rosenlundskajen, GBG, Sweden. 9. December – 11. December

Work: Luxtriplicata

Various Works. Galleri Format, Malmö, Sweden. 15. November – 11. December

Work: Instead of an artwork, I wanted to present a thought...

Currents New Media Festival. Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A 17. June- 26. June 2022

Work. Luxtriplicata

In Motion. Sergelstorg. STockholm. Sweden.  17.January - 20. February 2022

Work. Luxtriplicata on vinyl 

CLASH. The Holy Art Gallery. London. England. 25. January - 31 January 2022

Work. Soap bubbles Photogramas

“I” The world revolves around ME. M.A.D.S Gallery-Milano. Italy. 28.01.2022 – 03.02.2022

Work. Laser Triptych *collaboration with Kristina Žetko*

“I” The world revolves around ME. M.A.D.S Gallery- Fuerteventura. Spain. 28.01.2022 – 03.02.2022

Work.  Laser Triptych *collaboration with Kristina Žetko*


*Radio exhibition. on K103 student radio 7, 14, 19. January.

 Work: Radio Silence


*Analog Explorers (Online). Berlin. Germany. Online. 19. January.

 Work: Laser paintings

*Kidz. *Curatated* Street Gallery. GBG Sweden 29 March - 4 April.

*Vanishing Points. Röda Sten Konsthall. GBG Sweden. 24 April - 16 May.

 Work: Luxtriplicata + Luxsonicus

*Seart 2021. NO PICNIC. Storgatan 23 C, Östermalm/Stockholm. 3 September-25 September

 Work: Luxtriplicata



*The Icelandic Photography Festival. 16. Janúary.

 Work: Photobook.


*Error 2020. Online exhibition. Web launch 15. May.

 Work: Sound Photographs of Gothenburg


*Radio exhibition. K103 student radio. Live on Fm-radio and website. 12, 19, 26 May

 Work: Sound Photographs of Gothenburg


*Majorna Library. GBG Sweden. 30. November- 6. December.

 Work: Laser painting & The Birdcage


*Galleri Box. Cash Box Digital. GBG.Sweden. 7. December – 31. December. 

 Work: Laser paintings


*Galleri 54. Peep-Show GBG. Sweden 4. January – 10. February.

 Work: LuxVinyl. 


*Elis Corner. GBG. Sweden 22. March.

 Work: Performance act

*Litteraturhuset. Spithoon GBG. Sweden 28. March.

 Work: Luxtriplicata, performance


*Tiny Festival Teater Trixter. GBG. Sweden 18. May.

 Work: Perfrormance act.


*Art Photo Collection. GBG. Sweden 11. May – 29. June.

 Work: Bubbles & Lasers.


*Worldviews Galleri Rotor. GBG. Sweden 17. May – 19. June.

 Work: +50 meter cameralessphotography


*The Borderland. Denmark 22. July – 28. July.

 Work: Luxtriplicata


*Way Out West. *Gerilla*GBG. Sweden 11. August.

 Work: Luxtriplicata


*Konstepidemin. FRINGE.GBG. Sweden 31. August.

 Work: Performance act


*Litteraturhuset GBG. Sweden.Book Release 7. September.

 Work: Performance act


*Studio 42 GBG. Sweden 1. September – 30. September.

 Work: Viva El Diablo.


*Angereds Bokmässa (Book fair). GBG. Sweden 21. September.

 Work: Performance act


*Världskulturmuseet. GBG. Sweden 28 September.

 Work: Performance act


*Bokmässan. (Book fair) GBG. Sweden 29. September.

 Work: Performance act


*PAB Open. Bergen. Norway 6.e October – 7. October.

 Work: Luxtriplicata the performance


*Copenhagen Kulturnatt. Copenhagen. Denmark 11.e October.

 Work: Luxtriplicata


*Konserthuset. with the symphonists. GBG 26.October.

 Work: Luxtriplicata/Visual art performance. CANCELD


*Technovember. GBG. Sweden 9.e November.

 Work: Luxtriplicata


*Himmel och Jord. Dergårdsgalleriet. GBG. Sweden. 9. December - 2. January.

 Work: Dipping Bird


*Majorna library. GBG. Sweden. 1.February – 28. February.

 Work: Instalation and photography


*Galleri Monitor. GBG Sweden 26. June – 30. June.

 Work: Luxtriplicata


*Konstepidemin. GBG. Sweden. 25. October.

 Work: Luxtriplicata


*TechNovember. GBG. Sweden. 9. November.

 Work: Luxtriplicata


*Techno Soup. Brännö. GBG. Sweden. 18. November.

 Work: Luxtriplicata


*Göteborg Konstmuseum. SOUND. GBG. Sweden. 9. December.

 Work: Sound Photographs of Gothenburg.


*Street Gallery. GBG. Sweden. 18. December – 11. January.

 Work: Laser Flowers



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