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Selected Works



Laser Dandelions

Laser Paintings

Over 50 Meters cameraless photo

Drone Pilot: Stefan Jensen
Song: Kemikals. By:JFK

SoundPhotographs of Gothenburg

The Birdcage

KIDZ *Curated*

String Pull Art Chemigramas

Instead of an artwork, I wanted to present a thought...

LEIF MIXInstead of an artwork I wanted to present a thought....
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If you never been able to see anything in your life what is photography to you? What are your

thoughts about a camera?


The idea of this project is to highlight people who have been blind since birth thoughts about

photography. This because I believe it is important for the development of the medium itself but

also to give space to voices that are rarely, if ever presented when photography is spoken or written



In the headphones you will hear recordings of conversations between me and Leif Sunesson.

Leif is a 72 years old man and has been blind all his life. Our conversations began in 2022 and with

photography and the camera as starting points I recorded them and this is the result.

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